Hello everyone

As you may well know, until recently our lessons here at Anime Art Academy have been split into four individual courses - beginner, intermediate, advanced and personal guidance. Now thanks to the continued support and positive feedback from our students, we have been able to thoroughly evaluate our content, and have made the decision to consolidate our separate one-off payment courses into one comprehensive course with a monthly tuition fee. Anime Art Academy will be transforming into an enrolment-only service, with one video lecture released per week for a monthly tuition fee. The new course will of course include all of the lectures from the previous courses, which will be sent to you on a weekly basis. But on top of those lectures, we will also be introducing a brand-new style of video in which our teachers draw popular anime characters, explaining their drawing processes and presenting you with all kinds of tips to help you draw along with them! One new episode of this brand-new anime character series will be available every single month in the new enrolment course.
As a general guideline, you should expect to see the entire beginner course in 2 months, the intermediate in another 3 months, and the advanced in further 3 months.

After the advanced lessons, we will enter into more complex areas of study like colouring, background design and other professional techniques.

Because this is an online course, your study pace is totally up to you - you will be able to view the video lessons an unlimited amount of times once they have been made available to you, so there is no rush to finish the lectures as soon as they are released. (And of course students who have already purchased previous course content will be able to continue to view that content as normal, whether they choose to enter the monthy enrolment course or not.)
New Course