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Original female character

By Satoru Tanaka Former professional freelance animator, Satoru has worked on huge hit anime such as Naruto Shippuden and Heroman. His work has gained significant popularity online too; becoming the top ranked fan artist in his category on Japanese illustration site Pixiv, and taking the...


Exciting changes to course content at Anime Art Academy!

Hello everyone As you may well know, until recently our lessons here at Anime Art Academy have been split into four individual courses - beginner, intermediate, advanced and personal guidance. Now thanks to the continued support and positive feedback from our students, we have been able to...


‚ÄčAnime Art Academy is now open!

nime Art Academy is now open! Get manga and illustration e-learning lessons from a professional Japanese manga artist Hi everyone, thanks for waiting! Anime Art Academy, the one and only online learning program led by a professional Japanese manga-ka and illustrator, is now up and running and...