Learn how to illustrate in manga style from Japanese professionals

Our subscription course takes you all the way from beginner to advanced level! Packed with secret industry techniques and includes personal guidance from pros!

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Calling all aspiring manga and anime illustrators!

Whether you are a total beginner, or have some experience with illustration, this subscription course will serve as a comprehensive guide to illustrating in Japanese style.

The course is made up of lessons designed to teach you tried-and-tested professional techniques used by illustrators in the Japanese manga and anime industry.

The course even includes videos that will show you how to draw some of your favourite anime characters!

The course starts out with basic techniques such as:

- Drawing character’s faces

- Drawing from different angles

- The male and female form

And takes you all the way up to more complex professional techniques such as:

- Posing

- Composition

- Using hands as a form of expression

- Drawing clothes

- Colouring and shading

- How to draw backgrounds

-Basic perspective

- Professional sketching, colouring and composition techniques

- Digital Colouring Techniques basic level

- How to Draw Manga

- Digital Colouring Techniques advanced level

- Anime Styles Over the Years-Let's take a look at how anime and manga illustration styles have changed over the years.

- Drawing School Uniform

NEW - Creating Effects

Your first course of lessons includes 6 lectures, as a thank you for joining the Academy, and to give you a better idea of what to expect from the lessons to come.

After that, 4 new lectures will be released every month for a monthly charge of $35.

All students subscribed to this course will also have access to the comments section in each lecture page, where they are free to post any questions they have about the lesson, or even post pictures of their own work. There our professional Japanese lecturers will answer your questions, and give you personal advice and feedback!

The course has been meticulously designed to ensure that our students make fast and efficient process. Be sure to use the time between lectures wisely, and practice what you have learned!

Try the first lesson in the course "The Basics of Balanced Character Design" for free!

Please note:

Our course is a monthly subscription course. After setting up your chosen payment method, monthly payments will be automatically deducted from your account until you choose to unenroll from the course. You can unenroll from the course at any time, via your account page. For more information, please see our FAQ's: https://animeartacademy.com/p/faqs

Course Curriculum

Before enrolling, please note!

The lessons listed in the above course curriculum will be released to students on a monthly basis, with 4 lessons made available each month (6 in the first month, as a welcome bonus!). Students will not be able to choose which session to begin from, as our lessons build on each other and have prerequisites from earlier lessons.

Students will also be unable to jump ahead in the course, or view future sessions until that month comes around. As an online course, we have found this is the only way to effectively control our student's pacing, and ensure everyone gets enough practice between sessions. Taking your time and getting plenty of practice is the key to success!


Your Instructor

Anime Art Academy Teachers
Anime Art Academy Teachers

Name: Ebi Blue

Role: Lesson Editorial Supervisor


A professional Japanese illustrator who landed a manga publishing deal after establishing himself as a best-selling artist at the famous "Comiket" convention in Tokyo. His booth at Comiket is in a highly sought after area, with constant queues of dedicated fans lining up to get hold of his popular comics!

Ebi Blue's trademark art style, "gesu-gao" is famous among Japanese and international anime fans alike, reaching full-blown meme status after being featured in Youtube video "U Got That” (With over 75 million views to date!)

Message to students:

When it comes to study, love is power!

If you want to get better at drawing, take an anime, manga or game that you love, and draw your favourite characters or scenes as much as you can. The passion you have for those characters will surely show in your work, and it will give you the motivation and energy to continue working hard.

Here at Anime Art Academy, we want to help you learn the technical aspects of illustration, so that you can create work that you love!

Our team are dedicated to designing courses that give you the tools and methods you need to improve efficiently.

Thanks for being a part of the Academy! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your work!

Name: Mana Koh
Role: Lesson Producer Director


Working as an illustrator since her teens, Mana has had experience working on the production of many popular games. Her work has been included in Square Enix’s magazine, and she has received a prize from Mag Garden.

Message to students:

“I hope that your creation will be updated. Have fun!”

Name: Satoru Tanaka
Role: Lesson Producer Director


Former professional freelance animator, Satoru has worked on huge hit anime such as Naruto Shippuden and Heroman. His work has gained significant popularity online too; becoming the top ranked fan artist in his category on Japanese illustration site Pixiv, and taking the number one spot on Nico Nico Douga with his Hatsune Miku PV.

Message to students:

“I just want to get better at drawing!”

I believe that anyone who comes to the Academy with that strong feeling in their heart, has what it takes to improve.

Hey everyone, I’m Satoru Tanaka.

Want to self-study, but not where to start? Trying your best at self-study, but not improving as much as you hoped? Have been drawing for a while and want to reach professional level?

Anime Art Academy is here for you! We will teach you the methods you need to start learning, or to take your art to the next level.

At the Academy, we will provide you with the knowledge, tools and advice you need to fuel your studies, and show you all kinds of tips to make your work more time-efficient. Not only will it give you peace of mind to know that our content is made up of tried-and-tested techniques coming from professional Japanese illustrators, but you will also be able to speed up your learning considerably.

However! There is one thing I would like to get clear before we start. Anime Art Academy is no magical fix. You can’t just binge one of our courses in a day and become a genius overnight! Becoming good at something, whatever that thing is, takes a lot of personal hard work and practise.

Let us join you on that journey, supporting you with effective and efficient study advice!

Above all, art is about feeling. If you have a passion for anime and manga, and want more than anything to get better at drawing the art you love, you will certainly make progress here at Anime Art Academy.

Looking forward to working with you all!

Name: Toshina (1047)


Toshina is an illustrator working in Tokyo. As a teenager, Toshina received an official manga award from Shounen Jump, and since then has been working as a professional manga-ka and illustrator, gathering a huge following on the Japanese illustrator site Pixiv, and drawing crowds of fans to his exhibitions.

Message to students:

Hi everyone, I’m Toshina, a lecturer here at Anime Art Academy.

At the Academy, I want to help everyone from total beginners to casual artists fulfil their dreams of becoming professional manga and anime illustrators. I will show you how to recreate the awesome scenes you see in your favourite manga, anime and games, whilst giving you the skills you need to develop your own original style. In my lectures, I show you the exact processes I go through when creating my art, complete with commentary, guidance and professional tips.

Above all, I want my students to enjoy their lessons with me, and have fun drawing the art they love.

See you at the Academy!


Refund Policy

To request a refund, please get in touch via email within 14 days of purchase, and inform us of the reason for your refund request. We will assess your account and get back to you. Because our digital content and services are non-returnable, please note that we cannot grant refunds to students who have watched a total of over 4 lesson's worth of content, or to students who have received personal feedback in the lecture comments section.

We offer free sample lessons for each of our courses, and the title and contents of each lesson in the course are also available to view before purchase, so please take a look and be sure our lesson content and course style is right for you before joining, to avoid any misunderstandings.

[Refund policy updated 13th May 2021]