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What can you learn on our courses?

Let's learn some new skills to help us take our illustration up to the next level! We'll be using what we've learnt from the Beginner and Pro Techniques Vol.1 lesson packs, and building on this knowledge with lots more advanced professional techniques.

This lesson pack includes some of our most requested lessons, like how to draw characters in the styles that are most popular in Japan today, detailed lessons on digital colouring, and a mini series of lessons on how to compose Japanese style manga comic strips!

Course Description

This standalone course includes a set of advanced illustration lectures taken from our main subscription course “Learn How to Illustrate in Manga Style from Japanese Professionals”.The lesson pack includes lectures on modern character illustration, digital colouring, manga creation, and much more! As always, our lessons focus on little-known techniques our lecturers have learnt from years of experience in the Japanese anime and manga industry.

This is the 3rd in our standalone lesson pack series, and we recommend that you first complete both our “Drawing Anime and Manga Characters” course, and "Pro Techniques Vol.1" before beginning this lesson pack.

Actually, for the best results and progress, we suggest subscribing to our monthly course and studying at our recommended pace of 4 lessons per month. However, we have received feedback from some of our students who would prefer to work at their own pace, without having to wait for the next lessons to be released every month. We understand that each of our students has different needs, so we've created these one-off purchase courses to allow for more freedom in your study routine!

All students who have purchased this course will also have access to the comments section in each lecture page, where they are free to post any questions they have about the lesson, or even post pictures of their own work. There our professional Japanese lecturers will answer your questions, and give you personal advice and feedback!

Course Contents

1. In our Digital Colouring mini course, we'll be using Clip Studio Paint Pro to study how to colour digitally on a computer or tablet! We've adapted the lessons to fit all different digital illustration software, so even if you don't have Clip Studio, you'll be able to follow along and learn super helpful tips for your software of choice!

2. We'll be looking at how to draw faces and expressions using the most popular art styles and techniques in the industry today. As well as learning how to draw all kinds of anime classics - including school uniforms, maid outfits, and "chibi" characters!

3. Learning how to create beautiful backgrounds that help your characters stand out.

4. In our highly requested Manga Illustration mini course, we'll be looking at the whole process that Japanese professionals go through when creating manga comics. From planning the story, all the way through to illustrating and printing your work.

5. How to take on and complete commissions. A big part of many pro illustrators' careers is taking on and carrying out job requests. We'll be going through the process step by step, so you're ready to take on commissions of your own!

6. Taking your work to the next level! We look back at some of the areas we studied in past lessons, and use some simple yet effective techniques to give our illustrations an extra professional touch. From drawing to colouring and composition, these lessons will introduce you to all kinds of techniques used by professional illustrators in Japan.

For a rundown of all individual lesson topics and content, please check the "course curriculum" below!

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Course Curriculum

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  How to Draw Manga
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  Digital Colouring
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  Professional Techniques
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Before enrolling, please note!

The lessons listed in the above course curriculum will be released to students on a monthly basis, with 4 lessons made available each month (6 in the first month, as a welcome bonus!). Students will not be able to choose which session to begin from, as our lessons build on each other and have prerequisites from earlier lessons.

Students will also be unable to jump ahead in the course, or view future sessions until that month comes around. As an online course, we have found this is the only way to effectively control our student's pacing, and ensure everyone gets enough practice between sessions. Taking your time and getting plenty of practice is the key to success!