1-Drawing a woman's face from the front

Welcome to the first free lesson in the How to Draw Anime and Manga Premium course!

In this course, our video lessons provide you with failsafe tips, techniques and guidelines that give guaranteed professional results. And with animated pen strokes, you'll be able to see our pro artist's every move, making it easy and fun to follow along!

Combine the resources included with the video lessons for super-effective study. If you have trouble measuring or drawing guidelines, ours are right there on hand to print out or copy in to your drawing software and use.

And with our pro Japanese illustrators available to chat in the comments section, you'll always have access to the advice you need to stay on track!

So are you ready to jump in to your first lesson?

Today's lecture focuses on drawing women's faces from the front. We'll be looking at how to use simple measurements and guidelines for great balanced results every single time!

Remember, the guidelines and finished illustrations from the lesson are all available for download as PSD, PNG and PDF files, so be sure to download your preferred format and trace, copy, or otherwise use as a reference as you follow along.

Note: In the lessons, we emphasise that certain guidelines should be "exactly" equal, often visually marked with two hash symbols. However, our pros sometimes adjust these for character-specific nuances.
The emphasis on "exact" measurements is to provide beginners with a clear starting point. We understand that being told “about” or "approximately" can be confusing!
While you're developing your skills and learning to balance your work, try to be precise. As you gain confidence, you can start to tweak and personalise your character's balance like our pros do.


What makes this course "PREMIUM"?

Well that's because the quality of this course and its contents is off the charts!

The lessons provide top-level support and guidance and we've packed in tons of exclusive practical resources, so you'll be learning in luxury! (Plush furniture and five-star dining not included).

We've used your helpful feedback from other courses to really polish and perfect the course, making it super accessible, student-friendly, and packed with the kind of content that is guaranteed to help anyone reach pro level!

"Even me?"

Yes, even you! Especially you! The fact you're here on this page looking for ways to improve your art, tells us you've got the motivation it takes to succeed.

Does this sound like you?

☑️ I often struggle with putting down my first lines, or feel overwhelmed looking at an empty canvas

☑️ I find it hard to transfer the awesome artistic ideas in my head into actual pictures on the page

☑️ I find myself frustrated by stationary tutorial images... Hey! How do you expect me to draw that if I didn't see how you drew the lines?!

☑️ I'm a digital artist, but I only really use the brush tool, and draw everything on one layer. I want to understand how to use the tools more efficiently!

If you've ever experienced any of the above issues, you are going to LOVE this premium course!

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