The Basics of Balanced Character Design-Free!

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Have you ever seen a Japanese anime style illustration and wished you could recreate it yourself? From intermediate artists who want to perfect their style, to total beginners who want to start from scratch – everyone can benefit from these lessons from a professional Japanese illustrator. With our simple and informative e-learning courses, we take you from beginner level, right through to all of the techniques you will need to become a top-level illustrator yourself!

For total beginners, starting to draw in a new style can be frustrating, and with no professional guidance, progress can be slow. This course is formulated to take the frustration out of learning to draw, breaking it down into simple steps that are easy and fun to follow.

Students enrolled in this course will be able to recieve umimited personal feedback and advice from our pros in the comments section of each lecture, to help them make fast and efficient progress!

This course is recommended if any of the following points apply to you...

・I'm a total beginner! I've never learnt to draw before!

・I can already draw, but I want to learn more about areas like creating balanced characters, colouring my work, and drawing backgrounds.

・I'm interested in seeing what techniques Japanese pro illustrators use, and learning how to use them myself!

・I want to keep up with the latest illustration styles and trends in Japan

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