About Affiliate Admin Dashboard

On this page, you can find helpful guides for:

1 - How to input your Paypal account information to receive your monthly payouts

2 - How to efficiently promote Anime Art Academy to your userbase

3 - How to explain all of Anime Art Academy wonderful features to your audience

4 - We also provide useful promotional graphics and materials for you to use

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email at:

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1 - How to register your Paypal information and receive payouts

First, please use the following guide to log in to your account at Anime Art Academy and access your Affiliate Dashboard.

After logging in to your account, please click your profile icon at the top right of the site header.

Next, click on "View Admin Dashboard" at the top of the dropdown menu.

Once you have accessed the dashboard, please click "Payout Details" on the sidebar.

Once you have entered the "Payout Details" page, you will find a form to enter your Paypal Email Address (circled in pink below). Please enter your Paypal email address here, and click the green "Save" button to save and register it.


You will see a message displayed in orange above the Paypal Email Address form:

”Due to this school’s payment setup, the owner(s) will be responsible for paying out your earnings. Please contact the school owner for details on your payout schedule.”

The above message is only applicable to Affiliates who joined the system before October 2022, so please ignore this notice if you joined us post Oct 2022. Your payouts will be handled automatically by Teachable.

2 - How to effectively promote Anime Art Academy to your audience

From your Affiliate Dashboard, please navigate to "Links & Resources", as shown on the screenshot below.

About the Links & Resources Page

Please see the following screenshot and read the following explanations to better understand the Links & Resources available to you.

① This is your personalised Affiliate URL. By default, you will have a URL leading to the AAA Top page, and to our All Courses page. Copy and paste these links to your website or social media sites, and all traffic from those links will be tracked back to your account.

② If you would like to create another URL (for example, to promote a specific course), paste that URL in to this box and click "Enter". You will get another personalised URL, leading to that specific page. Again, all traffic from that URL will be tracked back to your account.


If you wanted to make a personalised link to our "About Us" page, you could paste the following link in to the "Generate a Link" form, and click "Enter"

③ Here you will find download links for all different promotional banners. You are free to use any of these for promotion on your homepage or social media pages.

All of the banners are also available on this page, if you scroll down to the bottom.

Remember to connect your personal affiliate URL to these banners when you use them, so that they will turn into clickable links, and any clicks will be properly tracked back to you.

3 - How to best explain Anime Art Academy to your audience

When introducing our service on your Twitter or other social media platforms, you might not know where to start.

So here's a rundown of some of the things that make our learning service so unique and amazing!

Using these points will help you better recommend our service to your fans and followers:

What is Anime Art Academy?

Anime Art Academy is an online education service providing drawing lessons created by real Japanese pro illustrators and manga-ka.

Our flexible online video style means that wherever you are in the world, and whatever your schedule, you can take our courses and get personal advice from our pros!

Anime Art Academy is the one and only online service offering full English language video lectures and personal advice from Japanese pro illustrators!

What makes Anime Art Academy so special?

➡ Learn all about the latest manga and anime trends and techniques from our Japanese industry pros. 

➡ Get unlimited personal advice from our pro artists to boost your progress

➡ Attending an art school could cost upwards of $10,000 per year, but our online style means we can keep our fees low

➡ No sign-up fee, and different course styles to suit everyone.

➡ Free lectures available on every course, so you can see if they're right for you before making any commitments!

➡ Engaging lesson content with plenty of variety to suit everyone from beginner to advanced

➡ Support for graduates who reach professional level - we can help you get started in Japan!

Why did we create Anime Art Academy?

There are currently millions of anime and manga fans outside of Japan - many of whom want to try drawing in anime style themselves, and dream of becoming professionals one day.

Despite the high demand, we didn't see any services run by native Japanese artists offering illustration lessons and advice to students outside of Japan. We wanted to create a service that caters to those needs!

That's why we created Anime Art Academy; a unique and authentic online school that connects professional Japanese artists with international students aiming to learn Japanese techniques!

4-Promotional graphics and materials

Feel free to use the following banners to promote our service. You are welcome to create your own promotional material too of course!

Just get in touch at contact(at)animeartacademy.com and we will send you over any images, videos or extra information you might need to create your promotional material with.

Remember to attach your personal Affiliate URL to your banner of choice, so we can track your sales!

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