Theme for January 2024:
🎍New Year Card🎍

This Anime Art Academy Student Exhibition is a special area to showcase beautiful artwork created by our students, based on a various themes.

This time our theme was "Japanese New Year Card", or Nengajo as it is known in Japanese.

2024 is "year of the Dragon"! So that has been a common theme in our student's cards. Let's take a look and enjoy!

Anime Art Academy welcomes students of all different ages from all around the world. We invite you immerse yourself in the creativity of our diverse student community, and enjoy this collection of work from artists of all different ages, personalities and backgrounds.

We're proud to present this amazing selection of artwork and show the world just how creative and hardworking our students are!

💮 Thank you to our students for their wonderful submissions! 💮

Please note: this is a celebration of creativity rather than a "contest", so the way these artworks have been displayed is in no particular order.

You can find links to previous exhibitions at the bottom of the page, so be sure to check them out!

Student Name: Emily Landers

Teacher's Comments

A lovely New Year's greeting card featuring this year's dragon zodiac! It looks like the cute girl on the left is the personification of the cool red dragon on the right.

The balance of this profile view is spot-on, and the way the dragon's body is curving is very effective in conveying its fierceness.

Emily's New Year's greeting in Japanese is wonderful too!

Student Name: Gauri Saraswat

Teacher's Comments

This dragon has been drawn on paper in a really fun arrangement!

Dragons are mythical creatures, which means they can look pretty different depending on who's drawing them, which makes them a super engaging subject for art.

This dragon, with its tail and whiskers gracefully curled, is very elegant and beautiful.

The way the messages and flowers have been arranged to pop out from the paper is such a lovely touch. What a wonderful inspiring message too!

Student Name: Euwon

Title: New Year Party with Dragons

Teacher's Comments

An animated masterpiece from Euwon!

Everything from the fun Christmas atmosphere to the characters wearing dragon-themed hoods representing the new year's zodiac is super festive and cute!

The distinct movements of each character make for a delightful and entertaining illustration.

Student Name: Hikari

Teacher's Comments

Wow, what an action-packed new year treat! We're so pleased to have our original characters and staff included in this exciting piece!

The robot looks super powerful and cool, and all the extra little details like numbers and patterns really enhance the realism of the design.

Each of the three girls' unique personalities can be felt, and their energy and cuteness is overflowing from the page. 

Remarkable skill has been shown in the colouring here, as contrasting colours like green have been used to highlight the hair and it all blends wonderfully without looking out of place. Super!

Student Name: Mageworks

Teacher's Comments

What a cool world-view presented by Mageworks here!

The idea of using this circular shape to encapsulate the scene, with both the sea and land levels included is so fun. It's like a little cross-sectional glimpse into this magical world.

The vivid contrasting colours of the underwater realm and the land realm are well-balanced and make for an eye-catching finish.

Student Name: Phyllicia

Teacher's Comments

This girl in a Japanese kimono looks so graceful and charming! Drawing a kimono is famously very challenging, but Phyllicia has pulled it off exceptionally! The pattern on the kimono is perfect - it looks like the patterns we might see on a "furisode" worn in the New Year.

The background with the dragon and the red sun conveys a lovely festive atmosphere for the New Year!

The handwritten "Happy New Year" kanji on the left is really impressive too!

Student Name: Deedat Khan

Teacher's Comments

The character's sharp high kick bursting out of the page along with the 2024 zodiac dragon makes for a dynamic and powerful composition - fantastic!

What's more, the colour scheme Deedat has chosen here is really effective. Predominantly using yellow and black with minimal additional colours has given the piece a lovely cohesive, harmonious aesthetic.

Student Name: Sophia Reed

Teacher's Comments

What a heart-warming and wholesome image of a young girl sleeping on a baby dragon! We love the peaceful sleeping expressions!

The balanced colour scheme of the gold dragon, purple clothes and green grass is lovely, and it makes the dragon and the girl stand out beautifully.

Student Name: Wotaku Kina

Teacher's Comments

Another sleepy girl on a dragon... And this time it's our very own AAA mascot Ayaka!

Ayaka's peaceful expression and the dragon's satisfied smile shows a trusting bond between the two which we found really sweet and wholesome. We can't help but smile along with them!

Kina has skilfully simplified the dragon scales just enough to result in a beautiful shiny and realistic finish to the dragon's body.

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