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Learn the secrets of illustrating faces, and see how satisfying it can be to create awesome anime characters of your own!

The face of a character is so important - it's the part that we rely on to immediately grab the attention of our audience.

To create a dynamic and believable anime style face, we must master the balance of the contours, the placement and rendering of features like the eyes, nose, and mouth. Of course we must also learn how to depict that beautiful, flowing anime hair!

Many aspiring artists may feel like there's something off when drawing a character's face, like it's not quite coming together right.

In this course, Japanese pro artists will teach you all the techniques necessary to draw well-balanced facial features and hair, as well as how to depict realistic character expressions. So you can put an end to your worries about characters looking "off" or unbalanced.

What's more, along with the awesome video lessons in this Premium pack, we also provide free supplementary resources to boost your progress and make learning even easier!

Scroll down to the "course curriculum" section to find out more about the lessons offered in this pack.

Tell me more!

Jump in and see all the benefits our course has to offer! This video will fill you in on all the key info in less than 3 minutes ⏰

What makes this course "PREMIUM"?

Along with the usual top-quality lesson content and pro feedback that you have come to expect from Anime Art Academy, we have added the following premium features to the course:

  • Moving pen strokes on screen mean you can easily follow the teacher's every move as they draw and explain

  • Exclusive downloadable/printable PSD, PDF and PNG resources included with every lesson to supplement your studies

  • Thanks to feedback from previous courses, we've been able to perfectly tailor content to our students' needs

Yes, this polished and perfected premium course is guaranteed to help anyone reach pro level!

"Even me?"

Yes, even you! Especially you! The fact you're here with us now looking for ways to improve as an artist, tells us you've got the motivation it takes to succeed.

How does this Lesson Pack differ from the Premium Subscription Course?

Until now, the subscription style was the only way for students to enjoy the lessons in our Premium "How to Draw Anime and Manga" course. But now with "Lesson Pack 1," you gain instant, lifetime access to the "Drawing Anime Faces" section of our Premium subscription course.

Buying the lessons all at once as a pack means you'll get instant, lifetime access to the lessons you've purchased, as well as to the pro feedback from our friendly, professional teaching staff.

No further subscription fees, or pressure to keep up with the pace of the course. Dip in and out whenever your schedule allows! Perfect for busy students who are studying anime art with us whilst also working hard at work or school.

You'll also be making a saving in comparison to the long term - the one-off fee for this Lesson Pack works out as better value than the fee for unlocking all of the same lessons month by month on the subscription course!

Not convinced yet? The first lesson in this course is available for free, so why not give it a try and see just how much you can learn right from Lesson 1!
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Ready to start out on your anime art adventure?

Does this sound like you?

☑️ I often struggle with putting down my first lines, or feel overwhelmed looking at an empty canvas

☑️ I find it hard to transfer the awesome artistic ideas in my head into actual pictures on the page

☑️ I find myself frustrated by stationary tutorial images... Hey! How do you expect me to draw that if I didn't see how you drew the lines?!

☑️ I'm a digital artist, but I only really use the brush tool, and draw everything on one layer. I want to understand how to use the tools more efficiently!

If you've ever experienced any of the above issues, you are going to LOVE this premium course! Just relax and enjoy the course, because we've got you covered on all fronts.

Empty canvas phobia?

No worries!

Our worksheet-style resources are here to guide you, providing a solid foundation for your practice and serving as a perfect companion to the video lessons.

If I can visualise it, why can't I draw it?!

We understand how frustrating this can be. That's why we put focus on understanding how to create good drafts and guidelines that take away the guesswork and stress, and bring your ideas to life on the page!

"Huh? How did you do that?"

There's no worries about feeling lost in these lessons!

With animated pen strokes on screen, you can watch as our skilled instructors put pen to paper, demystifying even the most complex of techniques. You can follow along with confidence and ease!

Get 10% off This course until

July 31 2024

Get spectacular savings with our special Summer sale!
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So that's it!

Only one question remains: are you ready?

Jump in and start on your road to becoming a manga master, anime legend, illustrator supreme...

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