Theme for October 2023:

This Anime Art Academy Student Exhibition is a special area to showcase beautiful artwork created by our students, based on a various themes. This time, the theme was "Halloween", so we have a special selection of spectacular spooky creations to share!

Anime Art Academy welcomes students of all different ages from all around the world. We invite you immerse yourself in the creativity of our diverse student community, and enjoy this collection of work from artists of all different ages, personalities and backgrounds.

We're proud to present this amazing selection of artwork and show the world just how creative and hardworking our students are!

🍂 Happy Halloween everyone, and thank you to our students for their wonderful submissions! 🍂

Please note: this is a celebration of creativity rather than a "contest", so the way these artworks have been displayed is in no particular order.

Student Name: Sami

Teacher's Comments

Lovely work from Sami here! The various blues in the palette of the outfit and blue sphere behind create a great sense of harmony in the colour scheme, and contrast nicely with the bold black background.

The orange of the pumpkin and the yellow of the broom stand out as bright accents within the blue, drawing the eye.

The ghost perched on their shoulder is super cute too!

Student Name: Emily

Teacher's Comments

Emily has created a sweet, spooky masterpiece! The sepia tones give this piece the air of an old photograph, which is perfect for a vampire character. The way Emily has added that vivid red just for the eyes and the blood is really striking and leaves an impressive impact. Great stylistic choices here!

Even knowing they're a vampire, they are so cute and enchanting we find ourselves wanting to meet them!

Student Name: Euwon

Title: Trick-or-treat, Darling

Teacher's Comments

Wonderful work from Euwon! By dressing a Monster Musume character in clothes from KonoSuba, they have managed to successfully blend two anime genres, and create a fun, seamless Halloween cosplay collaboration - awesome!

The way Euwon has blurred the background here is a great way to bring the viewer's focus to the character without diminishing the atmosphere of the image. Excellent choice!

Student Name: Gauri

Teacher's Comments

Gauri has beautifully captured the contrast between the darkness above and the brightness from the snow by using a soft gradient in the background here.

The effect of this background adds transparency and serenity to the entire piece, enhancing the character's expression as they quietly gaze into the distance.

We love how Gauri has created a sense of deep tranquillity reminiscent of traditional Japanese ink paintings.

Student Name: Hikari

Teacher's Comments

Superb, magical composition from Hikari here! Using a single shade of grey for the background actually helps to give the artwork a more vibrant feel, making the colourful character stand out as if she's flying out of the painting towards us.

The way the buildings in the background are drawn with slightly different perspectives, and the way the spaceships below contrast with the classic building design, create a dreamy and fantastical town that defies reality in a way that still feels believable.

Drawing the character from this angle, capturing all the details seamlessly from expressions to body language, shows real talent. Hikari has managed to create a scene that feels immersive and captivating, pulling us into their mysterious world effortlessly!

Student Name: Mageworks

Teacher's Comments

Mageworks' beautiful artwork takes us to an underwater world through the glass panel of an aquarium.

The select use of vibrant red in the midst of complex blues beautifully captures the brightness, beauty, and primal eeriness of the water for a perfect Halloween feel!

The way the artist has made the merfolk's dorsal fin and eyes glow adds a further deep, mysterious ambiance to the entire piece, taking us on a journey into the depths of the ocean.

It's an impressive piece that truly reflects Mageworks' unique style!

Student Name: Mario

Teacher's Comments

What a truly special piece from Mario! This artwork features members of the Anime Art Academy team along with our beloved mascot character Ayaka.

Our team are delighted to be included... although Takaya-sensei insists he is not this slim in real life, haha!

Drawing multiple characters in one piece is technically challenging, but Mario skilfully focuses the characters' gazes to engage the viewer, making each character feel lively and full of personality.

It's a wonderful piece where you can really sense the distinct personalities of each character!

Happy Halloween Mario, and thanks again from the whole team for this wonderful, personal piece.

Student Name: Phyllicia

Teacher's Comments

Phyllicia has made the red hair and orange outfit stand out vividly against the purple background, so the character jumps out of the page at us in this beautiful, lively Halloween themed image. The outfit and the character's charming aura give a kind of harlequin feel to this character, which we love.

The mischievous grin and outstretched hand go really well with the "trick or treat" theme. Even the font has been cleverly chosen to match the Halloween theme, and make it instantly recognisable for viewers.

And look at all those colourful candies! Looks like there are some "trick" ones in there too, but we'd love to dig into the delicious-looking treats!