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What can you learn in these manga drawing classes?

This is a lesson set, so you will gain permanent access to all lessons with a single, one-off payment!

In this course, our pro manga-ka will correct real student artwork, providing valuable insights and techniques.

Watch the entire correction process as our manga artist explains the necessary adjustments and the techniques used. We stay faithful to each student's unique style, offering a diverse range of manga art to study.

Our structured subscription course and lesson sets 1-3 follow a "textbook" style curriculum, while this 4th set of lessons offers a practical approach. See professional manga artists apply the techniques learned to illustrate and correct artwork. Gain insight into the working methods of professionals and learn where and how to make improvements in your own manga art.

Lesson sets 1-3 serve as a comprehensive textbook, teaching essential skills, while the 4th set offers a practical application of those skills by allowing you to observe professionals in action. Each lesson focuses on a different skill, allowing you to continuously develop new abilities.

Themes covered include: shading hair, drawing accurate clothes, colour schemes, balanced anatomy, natural composition, and facial expressions.

Unlock your potential and improve your anime and manga drawings with these valuable lessons!

Check out the before/after illustrations below, showcasing the incredible manga artwork featured in our lessons!

We show our students how to get better at drawing anime! We see how these anime character sketches were improved!

You can see that we were careful to stay faithful to these artists' excellent concepts and personal styles, whilst brushing up the image and making the finish more professional. In the lesson, we can see the teacher working on these images in real time, so you won't miss a single stroke! The lessons also include narration from the teachers, carefully explaining the techniques and thought processes behind each correction, bringing our attention to key study points.

Is this lesson set for me?

If any of the following points resonate with you, then this course at Anime Art Academy might just be the perfect fit for your artistic aspirations:

Building Confidence: You're not a beginner, but you still have doubts about your artistic abilities. This course is designed to help you bridge that gap and gain the confidence you need to take your art to the next level.

Unveiling Pro Techniques: You're intrigued by the transformation that occurs when a good artwork is taken to new heights by a professional artist. This course will unveil the secrets behind those artistic enhancements, allowing you to witness firsthand how professionals elevate their work.

Perfecting the Finishing Touches: You have a solid foundation in drawing, but sometimes your finished pieces lack that certain something. You're unsure what needs to be fixed or improved. In this course, you'll uncover the nuances and techniques that can turn a good artwork into an outstanding masterpiece.

Pro Artists in Action: You want to see professional artists in action, actually drawing and demonstrating their expertise. This course offers you the opportunity to observe and learn from pro artists as they showcase advanced techniques such as clean linework, professional colouring, and other essential skills.

Mastering Anime Art: Your goal is to become proficient in drawing beautiful anime characters, and you want to learn the secrets to achieve that level of skill. This course will guide you on your journey, providing insights and techniques to help you sketch amazing anime characters and bring them to life.

What topics will we study in the course?

  • Character depiction: how to make clothes and hair fit with personality
  • How to make individual characters that stand in your scene
  • Using a character's silhouette to make them recognisable
  • Light sources: working on colouring and using light sources for an effective finish
  • How to make composition fit with the theme of a piece
  • Drawing realistic clothing with effective use of references
  • Creating a professional finish in a black and white piece
  • Drawing and balancing the face
  • How to draw the eye to the parts you want viewers to focus on
  • Bringing out dimension in a close-up portrait
  • Making art look like an "anime scene"
  • Using dramatic angles to create dynamic scenes

For a rundown of all individual lesson topics and content, please check the "course curriculum" below!

Learn how to draw anime characters at your own pace!

This course grants lifetime access to the lessons , so you can take your time, and learn at your own pace.

There is no "sign up period" or "school term" that all students must stick to. Join whenever you want, and study whenever you have the time! Perfect for students who want complete freedom in their study schedule.

Once you have purchased this pack of lessons, there will be no further payments to be made. You can watch the lessons as many times as you want, and enjoy unlimited access to the comments section of the lectures to get advice from the teachers.

Enroll and learn how to draw manga today!

Course Curriculum

Take a look at all of the exciting lessons included in this pack.

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Get 10% off ANY course until

30th April 2024

Get spectacular savings with our special Spring sale!
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