What can you learn in these manga drawing classes?

In this course, our pro manga-ka will be correcting artwork created and sent in to us by students! (Art submission is optional)

Students enrolled in this course can watch the whole correction process, as our manga artist explains what they are correcting in the piece, why this correction is necessary, and the techniques they are using to carry out the correction. Our teachers will correct the work whilst staying faithful to the student's style, so this is a great opportunity to study all different original styles of manga art!

Our first subscription course "Learn how to illustrate in manga style from Japanese professionals" has a structured, step-by-step "textbook" style curriculum, taking students through each technique and study point in order. This "Practical Advice..." course format is different, as it allows students to actually see how those techniques can be put into action, as pro manga artists use them to illustrate and correct.

This course provides a great insight into how professionals really work when drawing manga, and the kind of areas they would choose to fix or change. Observe and learn these skills, and you will see a dramatic improvement in your own work too!

Think of our first course "Learn how to illustrate..." as a textbook, teaching you all the skills you need, and this course as a "practical" course - giving you the opportunity to watch those skills in action, carried out by a pro!

Each lesson will have a different study focus, allowing you to pick up new skills each time.

Some of the themes we will cover are: shading hair, drawing accurate clothes, colour schemes, balanced anatomy, natural composition, and facial expressions.

Every lesson will have a new useful focus area that will help you improve on a specific area of your work, and show you how to get better at drawing anime and manga.

The before/after illustrations below show just some of the wonderful manga artwork used in our lessons!

We show our students how to get better at drawing anime! We see how these anime character sketches were improved!

You can see that we were careful to stay faithful to these artists' excellent concepts and personal styles, whilst brushing up the image and making the finish more professional. In the lesson, we can see the teacher working on these images in real time, so you won't miss a single stroke! The lessons also include narration from the teachers, carefully explaining the techniques and thought processes behind each correction, bringing our attention to key study points.

This course is recommended if any of the following points apply to you...

・I'm not a beginner, but I'm not totally confident in my art yet

・I'm interested to see how a good artwork can become even better at the hands of a pro!

・I can draw well, but sometimes my finished work isn't quite right, and I'm not sure what needs to be fixed

・I want to see pro artists in action, actually drawing, so I can learn how to draw clean linework, colour professionally and other advanced techniques

・I want to know how to get better at drawing anime, so I can sketch beautiful anime characters!

What topics will we study in the course?

  • Character depiction: how to make clothes and hair fit with personality
  • Light sources: working on colouring and using light sources for an effective finish
  • How to make composition fit with the theme of a piece
  • Creating a professional finish in a black and white piece
  • Drawing and balancing the face
  • Bringing out dimension in a close-up portrait
  • Making art look like an anime scene
  • How to make a character stand out in a scene

For a rundown of all individual lesson topics and content, please check the "course curriculum" below!

This course is a monthly subscription course, with 2 new lectures will be released every month for a monthly charge of $45.

Each of those lectures will be over 1 hour long, and be packed full of content!

All students subscribed to this course will also have access to the comments section in each lecture page, where they are free to post any questions they have about the lesson, or even post pictures of their own work. There our professional Japanese lecturers will answer your questions, and give you personal advice and feedback!

You can enjoy the whole first lesson for free, so let's get started today!

Get started now!

Course Curriculum

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  Section 3
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Get started, and level up your manga drawing skills today!

Before enrolling, please note!

The lessons listed in the above course curriculum will be released to students on a monthly basis, with 2 lessons made available each month. Students will not be able to choose which session to begin from, as our lessons build on each other and have prerequisites from earlier lessons.

Students will also be unable to jump ahead in the course, or view future sessions until that month comes around. As an online course, we have found this is the only way to effectively control our student's pacing, and ensure everyone gets enough practice between sessions. Taking your time and getting plenty of practice is the key to success!